Cork - Geneva Flooring Inc - San Diego CACork as a flooring material has been gaining popularity among designers and homeowners alike. Cork flooring is comfortable beneath the feet. It is warm and shock absorbing. Although it cannot be refinished, it can be recoated, it is highly durable and water-resisit making it a great choice for kitchens, play rooms, man caves, and she caves. It has an amazing “memory” ability. Dents in your floor can disappear almost like magic as the cork retains its original shape – like a wine cork after it’s been removed from the bottle. We carry quality cork from APC Cork, WiCanders, US Floors and Qu-Cork.

Go Green, Go Healthy, Today!

Cork - Geneva Flooring Inc - San Diego CAHarvesting cork is a unique process. Unlike other woods, cork is taken without killing the tree. That makes it a green, renewable resource – the perfect pairing with our green company.

Choose A Style

Cork - Geneva Flooring Inc - San Diego CANo matter what your style is, cork offers an eclectic array of flooring that is sure to enhance your space.

•  Burl with Charcoal
•  Burl with Green
•  Golden Slate
•  Hints of Cocoa
•  Midnight Slate
•  River Mocha

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Cork - Geneva Flooring Inc - San Diego CAWhen it comes to your flooring, choose the licensed and insured team that’s backed up by more than 50 years of combined experience. You will enjoy our powerful warranties and guarantees, personalized service, and a FREE In-Home Estimate from one of our professionals.

Cork Brands

APC Cork
• Celestial Cork
US Floors
We Cork